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Watain -- Detroit, MI May 18, 2012

Last show of the tour for Watain. I'm actually driving out to Detroit (used to live in the area) to catch this show since they weren't at the one in Chicago (currently live there). Looking forward to this one as i've never seen them before. Judging from the Poughkeepsie setlist that was posted up here it looks like it'll be a little different than what they were playing while supporting Behemoth.

Anyone here planning on checking this show out? No idea why, but I kind of miss Harpo's since I haven't been there in years and a friend of mine and I are taking this trip somewhat for nostalgic purposes (This is all in spite of the fact that it's probably one of the biggest shithole venues still in existence).

I was also wondering if anyone who was at the Cleveland or Joliet show could post up what the setlist was at those shows so I have an idea of what to expect.
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