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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- May 16th, 2012

As some of you might have heard or saw in the previous thread
this tour consists of A) Fuck The Facts, B) EXHUMED, C) Black Dahlia Murder

Fuck The Facts came on at 8 and we're pretty solid throughout the 30 (or so mins) set. The drummer was a machine for sure. Lead chick vocalist looks like someone you dont want to piss off in bed Anyway, I dont have a setlist from FTF, im sure they played a couple off the newist album "Die Miserable" which they had on sale (cd/vinyl) as well as a buncha shirts. Maybe a couple old tracks, if someone has the set help a brother out!

After that the mighty EXHUMED came on and ripped everyones guts out. They even brought out a dude with a surgical mask on and a Chainsaw which is always a highlight. Later on he had a fake decapitated head with 'blood' in it that he spilt on the front row.

This was my second time seeing Exhumed and they tore things up as usual. Matt Harvey's signature snarl is unmistakable. Mike Hamilton (Deeds Of Flesh drummer) was once again on the kit replacing Danny Walker (Intronaut) obviously due to Danny being busy with Intronaut.
I also bought a "Torso - Tour" shirt for 20$ which im quite happy with.

set was:
All Guts, No Glory
As Hammer to Anvil
Limb from Limb
I Rot Within
Death Knell
Decrepit Crescendo
Distorted and Twisted Into Form
Open the Abscess

now for BLACK DAHLIA..

20 mins and a couple doobies later they came out to a pretty packed venue. Ive seen Black Dahlia Murder 3 times previously but not since 2007ish. This time was no different. They came, they saw, they slayed, nuff said.
The only issue was that Ryan Knight (lead guitar) his amp/guitar was having problems during the second song. He walked off stage and the band kept playing with one guitarist. After the song finished it was about 10 minutes of Trevor ranting, saying stupid shit like
"Well.. fucking hell, uhhh well How's school going?"
"Wow man.. like this place [vancouver] is a fuckin zombie walk WOW"
"Lets have a cheer for WEED!!!"

Anyway, nobody was buying it and most of the crowd didnt even care if one guitarist was playing. They came to see the show, they came to mosh and nothing else would do. After all the tech problems were solved the show went on as per usual. Black Dahlia had the whole crowd in the palm of their hands the entire night.

I am sorry I dont know much of the last two albums from BDM and thus my setlist memory is fuzzy.

this was pretty much in order I think. Someone else here had a set posted up already so im going to assume this is it.
I am also running on very little sleep before work so excuse my writing format, im sure it could be a bit better!

A Shrine to Madness
Moonlight Equilibrium
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Statutory Ape
Malenchantments of the Necrosphere
The Window
Den of the Picquerist
Carbonized in Cruciform
Everything Went Black
On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood
I Will Return
Blood on the Ink
Deathmask Divine
Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst
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