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Meshuggah -- Chicago, IL -- May 15th, 2012

The sets for each of the bands were the same as throughout the tour so I'm just gonna review it.

So around 5, I got out of class, striding back to my fraternity, literally dumped my shit off in the common room and left. I got to the train station, and despite delays, actually got to the venue around the time the show was supposed to start.

However, I walk in, and find out that Decapitated is literally just finishing their set. As soon as I made it into the GA area, they were walking off stage. I found JD there and asked what happened, and apparently they started the show about half an hour early for some reason, without fucking telling anyone. So I was slightly pissed that I had wasted a third of the ticket wasted by HoB, but whatever, I wasnít really there to see Decapitated anyways.

After about 20 minutes of set up time and people lightiní it up, Baroness finally came on. They started with A Horse Called Golgotha and I was immediately impressed. Everyone on stage was giving it their all, but unfortunately, people werenít reacting so well. I think people were under the impression that they would be heavier, and them playing mostly stuff from Blue Record didnít help. The most I saw people doing was slightly nodding their heads, which I was guilty of as well since I felt weird being the only one rocking out to these guys. Basically the only notable reactions were one asshole chucking a water bottle at John Baizley half way through the set (Iím pretty sure he got thrown out, I couldnít see very well) and people rushing in to the front during Isak, which was the last song. I honestly loved their set, all of my favorites and two new songs which both kicked ass. Also, the transitions between songs were so much like mini jam sessions that it kept a nice flow going.

After Baroness walked off, I chatted with JD for about 45 minutes while Meshuggah set up and they kept the same shitty disco song on repeat the entire time. Once the lights went off and the intro music started though, everyone knew chaos was about to break out. Sure enough, as soon as Demiurge started, shit went bananas. People moshing like no other, headbanging, let all emotions out and the place got hot as balls. I took my shirt off about two songs in because of the heat, and other people quickly followed. The only downside to people going insane at the start of the set was that almost no one had any thing left by the half way point. By then, people were stumbling all over the place, mouths were hanging open waiting for water, and it was a mess. Luckily, Meshuggah still supplied with their greatest hits and everyone was refilled with energy once songs like The Hurt That Finds You First and Bleed came on. Especially once the encore hit, everyone knew that this would be their last chance to do shit, so everyone and their mother was crowd surfing, moshing, and everything else. Meshuggah put on such a live show that even just watching them in the moments of extreme tiredness was awesome. I honestly canít wait for them to tour again.

After the show, I headed back to merch with the intention of buying a shirt (since I found $20 two hours before I got on the El!), but the debit machine wasnít working (shirts were $25) so I just bought Red Album instead. I hit up 7-11, chugged an Arnold Palmer and headed back home.
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