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Just to clarify, when the Appice's played Heaven and Hell, they had all of Stryper, sans Robert (drummer), as that song appeared on the very well received recent Stryper release, The Covering! So Michael sang on that one. That being said, the Stryper set was awesome!!

The singer for Skid Row said he was celebrating 13 years with the band. I agree, he sounded great.

Geoff Tate's a big egotistical loser now. I really can't listen to anything after Rage anymore, except Promised Land... I couldn't believe they pulled out Damaged... what an awesome song (especially paired with 9:28am and I am I! which they didn't do in this show but the biginning of that CD is awesome!!)

LA Guns did a good job too. Never Enough is always a crowd-pleaser. I just wish they'd play it closer to the end, though maybe I just like it more than most.

What can I say about the Ratt set... Awesome. Stephen attempted more notes in that show than the 5 other times I have seen them combined... lol (caveat... I haven't seen them since the late 90's). I still can't believe they opened with two album closers (Dangerous from Invasion and Scene of the Crime from Out of the Cellar). The only song that I would have liked to see them add was Drive Me Crazy from the very underrated Dancing Undercover!
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