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Divinorum - Black/Death Metal from Seattle

I can finally debut my side project! We formed around January of 2011, just as a jam band between me and my good friend Matt Fields (Vocals/Guitar) since his main band had just split up. After a few months of jamming we decided we would take our band seriously, thus, Divinorum was formed!

We started recording our EP in January of this year, finishing the drum tracks in just a few hours. However, we had become cursed, the guitar tracks that were ALMOST completed about a month ago were deleted from the hard drive, so we had to restart that process over. After one night, we got our shortest and most aggressive song recorded, HUNGER!

Hunger will be on our upcoming EP Cursed, set to debut sometime this Summer via one of our friends labels. Along with 3 other originals and a cover of Candlemass' classic, "Bewitched".

I hope you guys enjoy it! It is only a rough mix, but feel it has a great sound still. It is far different from our other tracks, because what we aim for is a more atmospheric blackened death sound, but, ENJOY!

Divinorum is:
Matt Fields - Vocals/Guitar
John Devos - Drums
Zach Palmer - Bass

Bands we have played with: Kampfar, Vreid, Necronomicon, Speedwolf, Witchaven, Master, Sacraficial Slaughter, Sorcery, Infintum Obscure
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age


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