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Boxsets are all mint unless otherwise noted. Price is listed but I may be open to negotiation. Shipping for boxsets and DVDs is $4.

Sabaton – The Art of War deluxe edition.
Album housed in DVD case with an expanded booklet and the Sun Tzu book The Art of War. $20

Fight – War of Words The Film
2 disc digipack DVD with the film and a remastered copy of the Fight CD War of Words. Limited numbered edition, number 4128 of 5000. Doesn't have the Halford autograph. $15

Kataklysm - Prevail
Nuclear Blast Records mail-order only, copy number 429 of 500. Comes with album, bonus DVD, certificate of authenticity, and Kataklysm pendant. Housed in a DVD sized full color box. $20

Rage – Carved in Stone
Nuclear Blast Records mail-order only, copy number 398 of 500. Comes with album, bonus DVD, certificate of authenticity, and Rage pendant. Housed in a DVD sized full color box. $20

Ayreon - 01011001 limited edition CD/DVD set. Comes housed in a DVD sized box with a slipcase. Includes 2 CDs and a bonus DVD plus large expanded booklet. Signed by Arjen. Minor crease on the front top left corner of the slipcase with a minor crease on the bottom and top of the case. $30

Candlemass – King of the Grey Islands Nuclear Blast limited steel box edition. Limited edition number 414 of 500. Comes with digipack album and bonus CD with two exclusive tracks, Demonia 6 (early version) and Black Dwarf (Lowe version). Few discoloration spots around the very edge of the box. $18

Cynic - Traced in Air
This one is HUGE. High quality all-over print box with Cynic poster, 3 stickers, postcard, special translucent linear notes by Paul with magnifying glass to read them (the booklet is trippy looking), large album booklet, TiA CD in an engraved acrylic case, guitar pick, Cynic flash drive, and Cynic t shirt. The t shirt is still in the shrink wrap and is the size of my hand. It's one of those things that expands to normal size when put in water. $75 but other offers will be considered. Shipping will be higher for this one.

DVDs and cases are mint.

Savage Circus – Live in Atlanta DVD $7

Gorgoroth – Black Mass Krakow 2004 DVD. Special edition in a reflective steel box. Limited to 5000 copies. $10.

Arcturus- Shipwrecked in Oslo DVD in metal box. $10.

Candlemass – 20 Year Anniversary Party DVD. $10.

Post here or PM me with any questions. Thanks.
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