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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I checked them out a couple of months ago...I suppose they're just OK.

They aren't even remotely close to being as awesome as Meshuggah, though. That's a pet peeve of mine that's well-documented on here - I can't stand when a band comes out and does a little palm-muting on the guitars and / or plays in a time signature other than 4/4 for like five seconds and people start jumping all over their dicks and saying "they sound just like Meshuggah!!!"


Fuck that.

Nobody sounds "just like Meshuggah".

Fair enough. Like I said earlier in this thread, I think they are pretty good, but nothing to go crazy about. I was just busting your balls after what you said to me in the Now Playing thread last week when I said their album Masstaden was a better Meshuggah record than Koloss (I was half-kidding, I did like Masstaden more than Koloss, but they don't sound that much like Meshuggah. They are the only band I can understand where the Meshuggah comparison comes from, but they only somewhat sound like Meshuggah. Clearly they both have palm-muted guitars, a focus on groove, and both hail from Sweden, but that really where the similarities stop.. Vildhjarta is way more ambient than Meshuggah and Meshuggah is without a doubt heavier than Vildhjarta (I have a feeling you are already fully aware of that though )
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