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Metal Setlists MDF Meet Up!

So this is the thread where we'll organize the massive meet up of people on here at Maryland Deathfest! From what I know (PLEASE tell me if you're going and I forgot to put your name on this) here are the people going.

RAZOR (last 2 days)
illuminatus917 (Only Thursday and Sunday)
John The Drummer
Fates Guardian

I'm assuming that all of you (except RAZOR) are going for all 4 days. Please list any suggestions to where we would meet up and what time, as well as what day. Or if you just happen to run into me, say hi! I'll be wearing my patch vest there with a big Atheist - Piece of Time back patch, with a big King Diamond Logo above it. I'll probably have a CamelBak on me as well.

So yeah, throw out suggestions and what we wanna do. I'll update this as we get more ideas.

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