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Destruction -- Montreal, Quebec -- May 14th, 2012

Venue: Foufounes Électriques
Opening band: WarCall

I got to the venue a bit before 7:00 pm and the doors weren't opened yet. The show was late and I knew this would probably mean bad news. I thought "fuck, Vital Remains didn't make it", because of the four last times they were supposed to play here, they only played once and without their singer and bassist. When they opened the doors, I went to the merch booth and was reassured by the sight of Vital Remains t-shirts. I was finally going to see them! Then, one of my friends made me notice that the Pathology merch was absent. I was really looking forward to see them and I was pissed. Two of my friends had mainly come for them and they were even more pissed. According to what some people told me, they weren't getting payed by the tour manager, so they dropped. They were replaced in extremis by a local melodic death/thrash band named WarCall. They were very generic and their cheesy Amon Amarth-styled mid-paced riffs were pretty boring. They had some cool black metal passages in some tunes, but it just didn't do it for me.

Then came Vital Remains, this time with their singer, but still without a bassist. They still tore it up. The sound was not perfect, but it was brutal. The drums sounded as raw as they are on Dechristianize and the guitar leads were fantastic. I was excited to see them and I was fully satisfied. The vocals were also good. It was funny that the singer sounded like Glen Benton and actually looked like Glen Benton. He had a good stage presence even if he seemed to lack assurance. I don't know if he's the actual Vital Remains singer or a replacing one... Anyway, the songs were pounding, especially "Hammer Down the Nails", which was dedicated to Rob Doherty of Into Eternity who recantly passed away.

After their set, I hanged out with Holy_Nick1991. Thanks for the beer man always cool seeing you! Like a lot of people that were there yesterday, he had mainly come to see Warbringer. None of them were disappointed, because they were fucking fantastic. I hadn't seen them since the Kreator/Exodus tour in 2009 and I had forgotten they were that good. They have one of the best live energies I've witnessed. The musicians move a lot, particularly John Laux, and John Kevill is one of the best frontmen out there. His stage moves are fun to watch and he knows how to motivate a crowd. He really connects with the audience. Speaking of crowds, Warbringer got an outstanding reaction from the fairly thin monday night Montreal crowd (the show didn't have that much advertising also, so I guess a few people were not aware of it). As soon as they started playing "Living Weapon", the circle pits were all over the place, plus there were a few stage dives and a lot of lyric singing. At some point (I believe it was before "Total War"), Kevill challenged us to get a crowd surfer form the front to the back of the room. That's where things got serious. From there to the end of the show, there were constant pits and people stage diving every five seconds. A few people also got on stage to sing the lyrics in the microphone. During "Living in a Whirlwind", there was a huge circle pit, and during "Combat Shock", the venue became a war zone. The stage was filled with people headbanging and yelling and the floor was savage. Near the end, John said that we beat Chicago and that we were the best crowd of the tour They definitely were the most fun band of the night.

At last, the german thrash legends Destruction played. They had a cool painted backdrop with the cracked skull surrounded with bullet belts. They took the stage to the sound of chainsaws, immediately blasting into "The Butcher Strikes Back". Schmier and Mike had an extremely imposing stage presence due to their legendary status and their badass looks, and they were still devilering "devastating thrash attacks" after three decades of touring. They quickly proceeded with a trio of old-school classics, that were total ear candy to hear live. Schmier's voice was vicious and his bass tone was heavy as hell, a lot more than on CD. Metal trios that are as heavy as a four/five-piece always impress me, and Destruction is one of them. The sound mix was crystal clear, except during the end of "Eternal Ban" and "Life Without Sense" where they had some technical problems. Even if a few people had left after Warbringer, they managed to get a good crowd reaction and they seemed to be pleased with it. There were a lot of pits (most of them small, but there were some big circle pits too, namely at the end, during "Bestial Invasion") and chanting. The setlist was also a total crowd pleaser. They busted out many fun live classics like "Satan's Vengeance" and the "Antichrist". After "Nailed to the Cross", in which the chorus was sang very loud by the crowd, Schmier asked us if we had song requests. They were asked for "Death Trap", that they played right away, and for "Invincible Force", that they kept for the end of their set. The legendary band gave an impressive performance. It was my first time seeing them and I was totally contented. I'll be there if they play here again.

Vital Remains

Where Is Your God Now (intro)
Icons of Evil
Devoured Elysium
Hammer Down the Nails
Let The Killing Begin (intro)


Living Weapon
Severed Reality
Wake Up... Destroy
Demonic Ecstasy
Future Ages Gone
Total War
Living in a Whirlwind
Combat Shock


The Butcher Strikes Back
Total Desaster
Satan's Vengeance
Mad Butcher
Eternal Ban
Life Without Sense
Hate Is my Fuel
Days of Confusion (intro)
Thrash Till Death
Nailed to the Cross
Death Trap
Bestial Invasion


Curse the Gods
Invincible Force
8/6 - SubRosa
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