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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Because I did it twice in a couple days? I don't even have anything lined up till June 26th with Iced Earth. And unless something major changes where someone really, really likes what I do and hires me on to do this for a living, it's going to be spaced between longer periods of time. It just happened to be I did one Thursday and one last night.
So the ongoing thread gets resurrected once in a while with a new update, that's cool. Look at the guys with radio show threads. They don't post a new thread everytime they have a show aired. Just update the existing without encroaching any further on forum and those who are interested notice. Otherwise they'd end up becoming the forum equivalent of Blackguard.

I considered doing that myself, but decided anyone who cares will see new stuff via Facebook or Twitter, and everyone else doesn't need it thrown at them.

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