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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Cool, which one?

Like I just said, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. The peopldm who genuinly cardm will pay attention.

They're someone else's. These come across as "LOOK! ME! MY INTERVIEW!" Even though it's clear that isn't your aim.
Rock Thiz Magazine. I will be starting in June or July's issue with the printed version of my last couple interviews, and 3 album reviews I did.

But I do that as well, but the idea of a forum or message board is to promote, troll, or really overall, state your opinion. For these threads, its me saying, I like these bands check out the interview I did with them, hope you dig it.

But that's what I don't get. Your opinion is far different then most people here, why speak up for them if even you don't feel that way, or at least know that's not my intention? And if I do post Me or My in the title, yeah I'm damn proud that I'm able to do that. I'm not saying I'm better then anyone else, but I did do it, so I would like to be able to share something I did. For no other purpose then to showcase some good bands and music.
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