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Fade to Black, just because it's still awesome after all these years and Fight Fire With Fire because it's the song that got me into Metallica.

In highschool I knew all Metallicas singles but had never heard a full album. In 1996 they released Until It Sleeps and I hated it as much as anyone. My friend played me Fight Fire With Fire and at first I thought it was Slayer, who I loved at that point. He tells me it was Metallica and I think, "man they suck even more now than I thought". I bought Ride the Lightning later that summer.

Really, I was always a member of the "Master Of Puppets is their best album" camp, but lately I'm starting to think that Ride the Lightning may be the better album. I find myself listening to any songs off it more often when they pop up on my iPod rather than the Master of Puppets songs which I fast-forward more often than not. I've pretty much killed that album over the years.
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