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Originally Posted by Nickweiser View Post
Garage Metal, thanks for postin that setlist for me, one less thing i gotta do ahhaah ya Trevor gave me that setlist after. Exhumed set is CORRECT except Decrepit was played BEFORE Distorted. and yes you read that correct NO matter of splatter. Ya i was surprised too. But goddamn EVERY band brought it!

i was one of them stage divers, i had the Death Angel shirt, long brown hair and black shorts and combat boots.

Talked to Trevor a bit after the show and they still apparently got LOTS more touring for Ritual left!

Talked to the Exhumed guys as well before the show. Sister and them were talkin about alcohol and such, so ya we all shared some good laughs.

Fuck The Facts was a surpriser for me. VERY good.

and yes, usually Exhumed ALWAYS steals the show, but Dahlia made sure to step it up as me and sister couldnt figure out who we enjoyed more, so ya sign that they both ripped
Hey! I recognized you at the show from a bunch of Chicago shows.

I had the Exhumed 'Torso' shirt on and a Children of Bodom hat.

Nice stage dive, dude! I definitely remember that.

I'll edit that Exhumed set too. Thanks everybody for helping me get the sets straight.
10/2 Witchaven
10/3 Pharaoh and Nocturnus
10/9 Pentagram
10/13 Weekend Nachos and Pseudogod
10/16 Cave State
10/17 He is Legend

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