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The EHG set also included Run It Into The Ground and a song that Mike said was new, Medicine Noose. Probably a couple others also.

This was a great show and actually my first time seeing a band at the 29th Street Ballroom. Doors were at 9, but I went to roller derby with some friends earlier in the night, so I didn't get there until about 10:45. I missed Venomous Maximus, which is Ok since I've seen them several times, and I arrived right as Rust was starting. Since they're a local band there were a fair amount of people who were familiar with Rust's material. It was a relatively quick teardown and setup and before long the EHG guys were on stage sound checking their equipment while Mike started talking some shit about SXSW and Austin hipsters which was pretty funny. Someone yelled out "Fuck New Orleans!" right before they started and Mike responded with something along the lines of; "Fuck New Orleans?! Why the fuck did you pay to get in here?". The floor opened up as soon as the first distorted feedback-drenched riff kicked in and the pit was chaotic all night. There were people stagediving off the tiny stage all night. I think there were about four stagedivers at the very beginning of Sisterfucker before the vocals kicked in; great active crowd. I was soaked in beer by the end of the set as there were cans and cups flying all night. This was my third time seeing EHG and I would say it was the best yet. As RampinUp46 mentioned it was a solid hour and 45 minute show, so you can't ask for much more from a headliner.
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