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Eyehategod -- Austin, TX -- May 12th, 2012

I arrived at the 29th Street Ballroom around 6:30 to see Eyehategod for the second time. The show didn't start until 9:00 (I was told it was around 7:00), so I wound up waiting around for a while to see the band play. In the two hours and thirty minutes that followed, Mike struck up a conversation with me after he remembered me at SXSW, saw The Well play in the Spider House Cafe, and shot the shit with the fans and the band - highlights of that include Mike telling a random guy who asked about EHG that night "I have no idea who they are, man. Sound like a bunch of assholes to me.", talking about how one of the guys from Bongzilla apparently ran out of Oxys and is now on smack and hasn't been seen in a while, and a comment on how he doesn't mind the TSA's groping when he flies to shows (he laughed when I suggested to bring Viagra with him before he gets inside the airport).

Around 8:50, the doors opened and everyone crowded the patio, save ten people who went inside to go check out the shit the band had. Mike's book, Cancer as a Social Activity was on sale, and unlike the Amazon $150+ price, these were affordable (I got one for $20 at SXSW), tote bags were $5 (surprisingly durable cloth, not crappy-ass fabric), shirts were $15, DVDs were $10, and posters were $20. Mike hung around at the bar for most of the night talking to fans about general stuff like a European tour coming up in the summer/fall and the annual NOLA Halloween show. I meant to ask him about his future appearance on HBO, but it slipped my mind at the time.

Around 10:00, the band Venomous Maximus came onstage and started doing their thing. I sat at the tables in the back for their set, watching them play, and the audience...stood there, for the most part. Either they were somewhat unimpressed (they gave their cheers, but didn't really headbang much), or were saving their energy for EHG later on. One thing I noticed about them was that their singer/guitarist sort of looked like Mikael Akerfeldt and Glen Benton's bastard there's always that.

Since I don't have sets for the first two bands (I have one for Rust, but it's not on me at the moment), these may seem a bit...lacking. Sorry.

Rust came onstage with a bit more fanfare and approval from the audience, and played a pretty decent 45 minute set...I think. I dunno. I really don't have too much to say about this band, since I was sitting onstage losing feeling in my legs from the amplifiers and nothing really noteworthy happened during their set. Sounded good though.

A little after midnight, Eyehategod took the stage to the sound of feedback. I don't know if it was just me, but Mike's vocals seemed inaudible over the music through most of the set. As smearCampaign said below, Mike spent some time talking shit about the "bunch of trendy fucking pussies here in Austin...and you guys have a LOT of them!" and mentioning something about New Orleans. I was still sitting onstage from Rust's set, so I got close enough to see the chaos in the audience and onstage - including accidentally tripping Jimmy Bower (he didn't even miss a note!), watching Mike send a guy to the floor when he came up uninvited, seeing a girl slam into the monitor that people kept flipping around during the set and busting her nose - all of which reminded me of a description of Metalocalypse describing how their music sends the fans into a frenzy of hate and violence. At any given time, both guys and girls losing their shit would grab someone by the shoulders, throw them into the pit, and start violently slamming their faces and fists into the stage. I tried to remain "professional" and write down the songs, but a little after "Blank", I just said "fuck it" to myself and started slamming my own fists into the stage and went crazy. Hell, the next thing I remember after losing my shit was talking to Mike and Jimmy after the show. The former asked me if it was me flipping the monitor (I had - but back the way it was supposed to be, instead of backwards) and the latter gave me two guitar picks - his own, and a Pantera pick from Rex Brown in the "Reinventing the Steel" era with "Smoke Whiskey" on the back.

The sounds from that night were like hell on earth, and it was fucking good. The hearing problems just went away last night (a Monday), and the gig was on a Saturday...I really can't say too much else. EHG gigs are hard to describe unless you actually see them for yourself - it's crazy music for crazy people.

As for their setlist, I'm certain they played everything from White Nigger to Medicine Noose. Southern Discomfort and Peace Thru War were likely played, but I can't guarantee their accuracy. It's accurate in order from White Nigger to Blank. Everything after that, I don't know when they were played.

Incomplete, possibly incorrect, and likely out of order:


Southern Discomfort
White Nigger
$30 Bag
Dixie Whiskey
Jackass in the Will of God
Run It Into the Ground
New Orleans is the New Vietnam
Medicine Noose
Peace Thru War (Through Peace and War)
8/14 - Nine Inch Nails
9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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