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Destruction -- Detroit, MI -- May 11th, 2012

1. The Butcher Strikes Back
2. Total Desaster
3. Satanís Vengeance
4. Mad Butcher
5. Armaggedonizer
6. Eternal Ban
7. Life Without Sense
8. Hate Is My Fuel
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Ritual (partial)
11. Tormentor
12. Nailed To The Cross
13. Bestial Invasion
14. Curse The Gods
15. Death Trap
16. Invincible Force

-Some people kept yelling out Ritual, so they played the first half of it up until the solo, and went into Tormentor.
-After Curse The Gods, they asked what we wanted to hear, so I yelled with all my metal might "DEATH TRAP!" and since I was right infront of Schmier he heard and suggested it. Other fans wanted Invinsible Force. While they had the fans choose which song, it was hard to tell what the fans wanted more. So they played both.

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