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Overkill -- Springfield, VA -- May 11th, 2012

Come and Get It
Bring Me the Night
It Lives
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello from the Gutter
Save Yourself
Gasoline Dream
Old School
Wish You Were Dead
Wrecking Crew
Deny the Cross
Rotten to the Core
Fuck You

"Oh look at that BrutalN00dle went to another Overkill show". You're god damn right I did. Fifth time. Yes I'll go again, don't be stupid.

Anyway, got to the venue about an hour before doors, socialized with some internet friends (and it wasn't even creepy!), doors opened early for Jaxx*cough*Empire standards, we got in at like 6:30, show started promptly at 7. First band, Spiral Fracture, if memory serves. Passable, the joke among my friends and I was that they should introduce themselves as "We are ____, and we're better than Krass Judgement". That reminds me, Krass Judgement played too. I don't even know why, I've never personally met somebody that enjoys their music. They seemed to have completely changed their lineup since the last time I suffered through them, new lead guitarist, drummer and bassist. The unnecessary extra vocals guy still present though. I do want to point out that the bassist dude was totally fucking awesome at bass. Their music however, sucked as usual. Moving on.

Diamond Plate kicked off the tour-package, and this was their best performance I've seen (previously seen on the Warbringer headline tour). Apparently their usual frontman had a family emergency so they had a friend filling in, who performed admirably. Highlight of DP's (lol) set was the one-two punch of Relativity into Metallica's Seek & Destroy, crowd went nuts for that.

After that was Suidakra, who were just on the wrong tour. I won't say they were bad, they performed well, I just don't care for folk/"celtic" metal at all, so it did nothing for me.

God Forbid, also on the completely wrong tour. I thought they were boring as shit, but all the people that didn't have long hair or a battle-jacket seemed to disagree. Whatever.

OVERKILL. Yadda yadda Blitz was awesome, dat setlist (no Horrorscope ), shred shred kill kill.

Highlight: Blitz tripping over the monitor during Elimination and totally eating shit on the fall. Fucking hilarious. He sounded fantastic though, in better health than the last Jaxxpire show and was screaming and headbanging with a vengeance. I gave my spot on the rail to some kid that had never seen Overkill before, during Rotten to the Core. Had to reap in some metal-karma as it were.

Overkill > Your favorite band. No other band combined has as much energy and power on stage than Bobby Blitz himself.

Fuck you!

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