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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
And the day after that $101 dollar show, they're playing with Rob Zombie at Stage AE in Pittsburgh and all tickets are general admission and are $47.50.

Willing to bet the venue of the $101 tickets is operated/owned by Ticketbastard/LiveNation.
You should reread the parts "obviously ticket prices vary from venue to venue" and "this might not be the case for every city the tour hits, but for ones like LA, where I am, it means paying a lot more." If you want to nitpick though, no not every date will be expensive as hell, but some will be, and overall Megadeth will undoubtedly cost more than Overkill alone.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
jesus tits, new yawk is expensive. Overkill headlining here a week and a half ago was $22 and when I saw Megadeth headline the exact same club a few years back (probably the smallest venue Megadeth has played in 20 years ) it was like $30.
Keep in mind you live in Kansas.

Originally Posted by HugeRockStar View Post
Would rather Overkill headline in a smaller place with a bunch of cool openers. How many times do I need to see Megadeth play the same set
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