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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I just searched an upcoming Megadeth show (without Rob Zombie) on LiveNation. Ticket prices with charges:

Balcony - $34.75-52
Orchestra - $52-62.50
Pit - $101.50

And for the Overkill / DRI show in New York:

GA - $39.45

Obviously ticket prices vary from venue to venue, but in this particular case, to get in the pit at the Megadeth show vs. the Overkill show there is a $60 difference. To even get into the Megadeth show (and sit in the very back rows) you're still paying a few dollars less than it does to get a spot on the rail for Overkill. This might not be the case for every city the tour hits, but for ones like LA, where I am, it means paying a lot more. Maybe if you're okay with having far away seats or just not an Overkill fan this isn't a problem, but I don't want to see Overkill and sit down in the back when I could pay almost the same price to be in the pit and see them do a headlining set instead.
And the day after that $101 dollar show, they're playing with Rob Zombie at Stage AE in Pittsburgh and all tickets are general admission and are $47.50.

Willing to bet the venue of the $101 tickets is operated/owned by Ticketbastard/LiveNation.
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