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Fear Factory -- Philadelphia, PA -- May 10th, 2012

Shadows Fall:

Thoughts Without Words
Still I Rise
Divide and Conquer
Stepping Outside the Circle
The Power of I and I
Fire From the Sky
King of Nothing
What Drives the Weak
The Unknown
The Light That Blinds

Fear Factory:

Acres of Skin
Fear Campaign
Self Bias Resistor
Zero Signal

I haven't listened to Shadows Fall since maybe their second or third album, but they had a great live stage presence. Would have been nice to see something from "Of One Blood" but they still rocked it out. During "The Power of I and I" the singer requested that a fan buy him a shot of tequila, then he crowdsurfed over to the bar, did the shot, and crowdsurfed back to the stage. That was pretty funny.

Fear Factory came out next and while they played the same predictable setlist that I've seen posted on here for the other shows, they were still great. I love Burt as a frontman, but I have to say, his clean vocals are pretty shot and his voice cracks during them. It was particularly evident during Powershifter. I noticed it when I saw them back in 2010 too. But again, still awesome show. Highlights in terms of energy on stage and crowd response were Martyr and Self Bias Resistor.

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