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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I am so sick of all these <1 minute divas matches. Do they really think they are that big of a joke? There are at least a few tha can actually put on an enjoyable match, yet all they get is some stupid tag match that ends with the most dominant Diva pinning her nemesis.
Yeah, the WWE treats their female performers and division like shit now. At least in TNA they give them time to work an OK match every week and use them as an important part of their show. I think when ever Beth Phoenix and Natalya's contracts run out they should go over to TNA. At least the ladies get a little respect there if they're decent in ring workers. I've always wanted to check out Shimmer, i've heard if wanna see women's wrestling that's what you need to watch.

While we're on the subject of female wrestlers, I must say that Velvet Sky has the best ring enterance ever
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