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Mastodon -- Silver Spring, MD -- May 9th, 2012

The venue was really cool, and really new. Everyone was really friendly at this show, even security were really chatty and nice.


Con Clavi Con Dio
Prime Mover
Death Knell
Satan Prayer

I came in on the fence about whether Ghost were cool or stupid. Well it turns out Ghost was really fun. The music was simple but enjoyable and the costumes were fucking great. Papa's makeup is even textured to make him look old and decaying, very awesome. I loved his antics and mannerisms too, between sounding like an old Italian pope and "controlling" the ghouls, he did a great job. I liked their use of incense. I wanted to get a Ghost tour shirt because they looked awesome but $30 was a little too much when I don't even have the CD yet ($15 was too much for a CD too, I'll get it from Amazon). Would see again.


Black Tongue
Hand of Stone
Crystal Skull
Dry Bone Valley
Octopus Has No Friends
The Hunter
Crack the Skye
All the Heavy Lifting
Curl of the Burl
Bedazzled Fingernails
Aqua Dementia
Blood and Thunder
The Sparrow

Mastodon kicked ass as usual. I was stoked to hear almost all of The Hunter as I missed the last tour. Most of the stuff translated well live and the live vocals (especially Troy's) seemed to have improved. Brann sounded really good vocally as well. Troy had great stage presence and seemed to really be enjoying himself. The only problem was he gave my side of the room almost no love. Bill was pretty energetic too, I'll have to be on that side next time. Brent played well but was pretty stone faced throughout the set, his slide guitar in The Sparrow was cool though. I did get a Brent pick at the end which I'd imagine is hard to get as he didn't even throw any, his roadie did after the set. It has a sweet drawing of him on it.

I really couldn't have asked for a better set, especially co-headlining. Hand of Stone was a cool deep cut and Curl of the Burl, Dry Bone Valley, Blasteroid, The Hunter, and Blood and Thunder were the best songs of the night. I could hear Troy really well and his playing was great, I was especially digging that "octopus crawl" riff on the bass during Octopus Has No Friends. I picked up a tour shirt after the show. As usual they had a ton of cool merch including that big 9 LP boxset signed by the band (for $300 though). They also had Asstodon track shorts I wanted.


The Devil's Orchard
I Feel the Dark
The Lines in My Hand

I assume they played:
Demon of the Fall
The Grand Conjuration

I'm not an Opeth fan but I respect what they do and they are all very talented players. However, for me their music amounts to less than the sum of it's parts. I just can't get interested in it. I watched the first 3 songs from the rail and then gave up my spot because I was tired and had to piss bad. Mikael did impress me with some of his playing and it was cool how he dedicated Slither to Dio. It was the best song of theirs that I saw. He was a pretty funny dude too. I stayed until Burden which was a cool song and then decided to get a head start on the drive home after they went into Lines and it wasn't grabbing me. The music isn't my thing and being at the back of a nearly sold out hall sucks (I've never really been in the back before).

Great show, looking forward to seeing Mastodon and Ghost again. Won't be seeing Opeth again but glad I got to check it out once.
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