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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Exactly. Anyone who thinks they should drop Indians is fuckin clueless as to what that song has done for the band, what it means to the fans and how the WARDANCE adds more to the Anthrax concert experience than anything else they play.

This will be Anthrax's set at Mayhem for sure:

Earth On Hell
Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time
Fight Em Til You Can't
The Devil You Know
Metal Thrashing Mad
I Am The Law

It might not be the exact order but you're fooling yourself if you think the set will be anything but this. Maybe MTM, TDYK or another song gets rotated out for ATL or NFL at some shows. Unfortunately, that's about all the variety you're gonna get out of them on this tour or any other one for that matter. It's too bad they don't realise was a great back catalog they have with the Belladonna stuff. It's also very likely they're too lazy to try anything different and just wanna stick with the songs that got them the most success. Even though I don't recall GTT being that big of a song for them. There's no need for that to still get played over all the great songs that are on POT. But the song is simple and easy to play, so they stick with it so they don't have to try too hard.
Back in the day GTT was played on Mtv/Radio alot more than Antisocial or any other Anthrax song. Earth on Hell needs to go, there are better songs on that album imo.
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