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Origin -- Fullerton, CA -- May 7th, 2012

The show was at the Slidebar in Fullerton. I found out a while back that this tour was coming to by favorite bar and I couldn't believe it. I decided it would be a good idea to reserve a table for me, srm90 and two friends. I got there around 6:50pm to find srm90 and my friend. We went inside and sat down at our table and shot the shit for a bit. Embryonic Devourment was on but we were stuck at the table, so we had to miss their set. We all decided to order a burger called Cowboys From Hell, which was based off of a recipe Dimebag made. It was a huge burger with habanero and jalapeno in it with a side of some bomb ass garlic fries. All of our faces were on fire by the time we were done with it but we had giant ass beers to make up for that. The only problem was we all chugged our beers too fast with the food, so we all felt like we were going to explode any moment so drinking was out of the question for a while. By the time we finished eating, Battlecross was on stage. My friend and I wanted to see them, but we had to pay our bill. Our waitress took a while to give us the check, so we were forced to miss them.

After we paid our bill, we wandered over to the concert room to see a sign that said wristbands were required for the last three bands. We got wristbands for having dinner there. Anyone who didn't get there in time to get a wristband wasn't going to see the DB, CD or Origin. We walked in and the room was filled up about half way. Rings of Saturn went on and played for about 30 minutes. It honestly wasn't that bad from what I heard from everyone here, but it wasn't good. I would never listen to them, but I wouldn't hate on them or anything. They definitely had too many breakdowns but their guitars were amazing.

Next was Aborted. This was the third time I got to see them. I saw them in Long Beach for Summer Slaughter and then when they opened for Carcass in 2008. The waitress said that the capacity in the room was 200 people and it felt like there were more than that in there to see Aborted. It may have been the burger explosion messing with my mind, but I was squished It was so damn hot in that room that I started sweating right away. Before Aborted started, my friend and I grabbed another 32oz beer to cool ourselves off during the set. They started off really bad. It felt like we were all listening to them outside. The PAs were so low. The volume was increased about a few minutes later and people started to go crazy. I remember at one point, i was drinking my beer and the pit got crazy and I was shoved but no beer was spilled. I turned to my friend and said "Ahhhh I just my beer flash before my eyes" My friend says"drink faster" I said "but my tummy hurt" and then my friend says "...mine too" hahaha I thought that was a priceless convo to have during an Aborted show. The rest of the set sounded amazing! They played the same set as Hollywood. I can't wait until they come back so I can see them again. Hopefully they have a headlining set next time.

Global Flatline
Coronary Reconstruction
Meticulous Invagination
The Holocaust Incarnate
The Origin of Disease
Sanguine Verses (...of Extirpation)
The Saw and the Carnage Done

Next was Decrepit Birth. I haven't seen these guys live in a few years. I think the last time I saw them was on Summer Slaughter but I could be wrong. When we heard they were taking the stage, we walked in to see a crowded room, but saw about 40 to 50 people in there. It was a complete surprise to all of us. Bill seemed really pissed when he walked on stage and started talking a bunch of shit about the Slidebar. I guess he was in the stall in the bathroom and they walked in on him cause they thought he was doing drugs but he wasn't. Even though he was in a bad mood, he sounded awesome. Some jackass started problems in the pit. He grabbed my friend and kept trying to throw him around in the pit but my friend wasn't about it. I thought they were going to start a fight but it ended fast. Everyone in the pit wanted to kick his ass for the same reason. I was super excited to hear them play Prelude to the Apocalypse. That's been my favorite DB song since ....And Time Begins came out. The set was also the same as HW

Of Genocide
The Infestation
Prelude to the Apocalypse
The Resonance
Crystal Mountain (Death cover)

After this we went back outside to wait for CD to go on. While we were waiting, I realized the entire show was being filmed and played on the tvs outsite. I thought it would be funny to go in and wave to my friends while I was in front of the stage. Yes, I can be lame haha. Anyways, I Cattle went on and sounded fucking awesome!!! They played most of the songs from the new cd and I loved ever second of it. Every time I saw them before, most of the set was from Humanure or KBK and I hated it cause I never listened to those cds. I finally got to see a set where I knew most of the songs! Travis' clean vocals sound a lot better live. I can't explain it but I loved it.

The Carbon Stampede
Dead Set On Suicide
A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
Testicular Manslaughter
Forced Gender Reassignment
Your Disposal
Success Is... (Hanging By the Neck)
Kingdom of Tyrants

Finally, Origin went on at 11:50. I was super excited to see them again. I've seen them three times and loved them every time. Right when they went on, the guitars sounded very low. After a few minutes, the volume increased and it sounded amazing. I was so happy when they played Staring from the Abyss, that is my favorite song by them. There weren't too many people going crazy for them, but they were trying to get stage divers for every song. During the middle of Implosion of Eternity, I heard something weird and wondered what was wrong. I then realized they were playing as a three piece: bass, drums and vocals. The guitar went out. They then spent about 10 minutes trying to fix it but nothing happened. The rest of the band tried jamming and making jokes but it was starting to get annoying after 10 minutes. We got cut short but w/e it was an awesome free show. I wish I could've heard Portal again.

Expulsion of Fury
Wrath of Vishnu
Staring From the Abyss
Implosion of Eternity
*Paul Ryan's guitar dies*
bass and drum solo
Happy Birthday Mike Flores
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