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Originally Posted by dwils65 View Post
Pleases stop with the setlist fm posts. I can go there and look it up myself, why do I need you to post. Post something recent that you attended. I am not interested in a four year old set list that I could look up myself
Clearly, because 2011 was 4 years ago.

If I'm doing something against the rules here (which I'm not), by all means, let me know.

If I don't see a show listed here that I've attended (regardless of when it was), then I post it. I list the main source as my own memory, and for a refresher incase I've forgotten the order. It all floods back into my memory once I see the order, and I give credit where it's due.

So unless you have something to say to me that isn't incessant bitching, then please, kindly shoo.
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