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Meshuggah -- San Francisco, CA -- May 6th, 2012

In short, other than having a few fans, Baroness was way out of place but awesome as always. Kind of ironic that I was thinking "you just don't get it" at a Meshuggah show. Meshuggah was Meshuggah, super intense, great performance and lighting.

March To The Sea [New song]
Steel That Sleeps The Eye
Swollen & Halo
The Gnashing
Take My Bones Away [New song]
The Sweetest Curse

Tape Intro
Glints Collide
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt That Finds You First
Minds Mirrors [Tape]
In Death Is Life/In Death Is Death
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
I Am Colossus
Rational Gaze
Future Breed Machine
Dancers To A Discordant System
6/2 Baroness
7/7 Intronaut
7/30 Big Business
8/5 Y&T
9/15 Black Sabbath
10/7 Gojira

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