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Royal Thunder - CVI

Every once in a while a band comes along in the heavy music scene that completely demolishes genre classifications, stereotypes, and perceptions. They are unique in the fact they take ideas, traits, and influences from a bunch of different forms of music and blend them together to form their own thing. Royal Thunder is one of those bands. Taking their cues from 90's alternative rock, psychedelic/progressive rock, southern rock, doom and sludge metal to form their thunderous sound.
On their debut full-length "CVI" the band plows through nine tacks of adrenaline fueled, southern fried sludge rock. Using bassist Minny Parsonz's soulful vocals as the focal point. They work around them with tons of massive riffs, bluesy leads, and a gargantuan rhythm section that can loosen ones bowels. Each song contains incredibly catchy hooks that worm their way into your mind. Where they reside for days on end forcing you to come back for another sonic beat down to get them out. The album largely succeeds because each song's variation works like a roller coaster. Containing a multitude of different paces, and music styles. They know the exact time to restrain themselves, go fucking apseshit, or be somewhere in between. A rare trait a lot bands could actually learn these days. It's best displayed on album highlight "South of Somewhere"that starts of as a haunting slow building ambient track with only Minny's croon and a lone guitar strumming. Before picking up out of nowhere to a groovy mid pace, then slowing down again before picking up again only faster to a metallic crescendo. As a barrage of kick drums and Minny's shout ends the song.
This is a really great treat for fans into heavy rock music in general. If you love everything from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to contemporary artists like Graveyard and The Devil's Blood. Even bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains I would say. You should definitely like this. It's easily one of the most exciting debuts to come out this year. Let's see where this young band from Georgia takes their sound next.
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