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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
I posted the sets at 3 AM last night and passed out right after. I guess I'll give a brief review.

It was a sold out show and people were coming from out of state to see Autopsy and awesome local support. They hadn't been in the midwest since 92 or 93, but they were happy to be back. Every band made an effort to tell the crowd that they were awesome, because indeed, everyone was going crazy for every band.

Reign Inferno were great. They play very fast death/grind and are always a pleasure to see. For those who don't know, the bassist of Reign Inferno is the same bassist of Jungle Rot.

Cardiac Arrest were definitely the best supporting band of the night. This was their record release show for Vortex of Violence, which I picked up and it is AWESOME. Seriously, any remote fan of death metal needs to check this band out and listen to this album as well as their second one, Cadaverous Presence. So as expected, their set leaned more towards the new material which wasn't a problem since the new album rips.

Bones were cool, I'd never seen them before but they play some solid death metal. Kinda got sidetracked during their set and went to get an Autopsy shirt.

Cianide were fantastic. I made it to the rail on stage right and was lucky enough to be by some people I knew from Milwaukee next to me, as well as the batshit, lunatic, possibly drugged out Cianide fangirls right behind me. God damn they were annoying as all fucking hell. One of them just lost it and started attacking my friend next to me by pulling his hair, trying to grab his ear piercings/gauges and grabbing his neck. FOR NO REASON. He, shit, NO ONE did anything to start this fight. We're just trying to have a good time watching Cianide kill it on stage and this bitch just loses it and attacks people up front. She was also doing this to the other guy next to him and he actually hit back in pure 100% self defense. This bitch was going nuts and I do believe she got kicked out. Thank god, that kind of attitude is fucking inexcusable. But other than that crap, Cianide were killer!

And Autopsy... my god, I can't believe I can actually say I saw them in Chicago. Those guys were just phenomenal. I was very, VERY happy when they played the Mental Funeral songs. Especially Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay and In the Grip of Winter back to back! Slaughterday was so crushing live as well. And ending with 3 songs from Severed Survival was a hell of a way to finish the set. I seriously can't wait to see them AGAIN this month!

One of the best shows I've been to and will more than likely be the #1 show of the year aside from MDF.
Great review!! So happy you had a great time!!! And I agree, so far Autopsy is still easily the Best show of 2012 for me as far as i'm concerned. Nothing has topped this epic show as of yet. There was just something so special and unique about seeing Autopsy, as I said in the last post, it was somewhat legendary, at least for me it was..and it's easily a concert that I will never ever forget, and trust me.. i go to a lot of shows and they tend to sometimes turn into another wind that just passes me by in my memories, in other words, good show or maybe sometimes forgetful. Not the car for this though.. So glad I took the chance of getting off work "somewhat" early and making the one hour trek down to the show just in time to catch the last two hours of the concert, getting there just in time to see all of Incantations performance followed up by one of the best live settings I have ever seen by none other than Autopsy. And yup, same here Garagemetal, every time they spewed out a song off Mental Funeral I would have the biggest fucking grin on my face, which would eventually lead to massive amounts of head banging and jumping up and down like a child ahahhaha. jesus, they were so fucking heavy to hear....and don't get me started with Chris's voice...
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