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Originally Posted by phibroptik View Post
Just had to respond to this...I've seen them four times on their latest tour and I have to completely disagree that the songs on the small-stage are mimed...they have radio-mics on the guitars and bass that connect to the main speakers in front of the large stage, so you wouldn't expect the sound to come from the mini-stage. I know the studio versions of those songs extremely well and the versions they play live are not the same. If it is all mimed on that stage, how come Paul fluffed the clean guitar part during Mann Gegen Mann at one of the shows I was at, and how do they get feedback on the guitars that is certainly not there in the studio versions of the songs?
I'm in agreement here. It was a strange feeling from the floor having the sound come from behind as we watched the mini stage, but it was very much live, save for the chorus to Mann Gegen Mann, which was playback. All instruments had wireless mics, including Flake who continued to play, carrying his keyboard back across the bridge. An ever so slight delay is to be expected.

I can't for the life of me remember which city it was, but I recall a youtube video of Paul's guitar going out during one of the second stage songs while a bunch of techs scrambled to fix it.

Also, why would they bother to make it "look like" they're playing? Why go through the trouble and not just play it anyway?
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