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Ahab- The Giant Review

Munich, Germany's Ahab have been huge players in the doom metal scene since their debut "The Call of the Wretched Sea" in 2006. Which is considered by many a funeral doom classic. After that on "The Divinity of Oceans" they decided to change into a more straight ahead death/doom sound with progressive and post rock flourishes like on "Redemption Lost". Which veered away from the extreme side of doom altogether sans some death growls in the middle of the song. Now with their third full length on the horizon aptly named "The Giant ". Using Edgar Allen Poe's only novel "The Narrative of Arthur Gorden Pym of Nantuckett" as its concept, Ahab have changed yet again. Giving birth to their greatest and most complete offering to date, by stripping away the death metal and funeral aspects of their music almost completely. Instead focusing on massive amounts of restraint, Ahab use progressive almost jazzy instrumentation that turn into beastly doom ridden passages at the drop of a hat. Melodic singing and guitar lines float along guided by subtle drum fills and bass lines before eventually giving way to tidal waves of monolithic riffing coupled with either harsh shouting or death growls. All of this tied into post metal structures with huge climaxes that positively soar or in Ahabs case dive into the seas lowest abysmal depths. Like on the album's definitive highlight "Aeons Elapse", which starts of with quiet strumming and whispered vocals before an anguished cry gives way to a Sabbathian dirge that crawls to a hypnotizing oceanic climax. Even though that track stands out to me the most, the five other tracks are just as great. Each mini epic filled to the brim with lush atmospherics and crushing doom riffs. The hero of the whole album though is Daniel Droste. Whose vocals definitely deserves their own note. He really elevated his game with this album especially his singing. Which has gotten 100% better since the last album. He now sounds a lot like Patrick Walker of Warning fame. It really made the more mellow aspects of this album work. The absolute best part of "The Giant" though is the feeling after its over that we still have not witnessed Ahabs true potential yet. So I really look forward to see what the kings of Nautik Doom Metal do next. This will for sure be on a lot of top ten lists at the end of the year .I can guarantee that, it might even top some of them. It's my album of the year so far and if something can top it, I really can't wait to hear it.

Any thoughts on the review?

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