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Shadows Fall -- San Antonio, TX -- May 1st, 2012

This was the first date of the Fear Factory / Shadows Fall Tour. Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for all of Fear Factory but got to see about 6 songs. It was cool to see Dino back up there. Everyone seemed to be having a good time in both Shadows Fall and Fear Factory. The openners were Legacy of Disorder, The Devastated and The Browning. I wasn't familiar with any of them, but all were entertaining and a solid mix of music.

Brian had problems with his mic the first few songs, and eventually ended up taking Jonathan's mic. Shadows Fall is one of my favorite bands and I think always bring it live. Definitely full of energy. They played a few new songs and they all sounded good; no crazy changes in their sound just solid Shadows Fall. Setlist as follows

thoughts without words
still I rise
divide and conquer (new song)
stepping outside the circle
the power of I and I
fire from the sky (new song)
king of nothing
what drives the weak
the unknown (new song)
the light that binds

Unfortunately like I said it was getting late and I had an early morning so I only stayed for the first 5-6 Fear Factory songs, but they sounds great too.
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