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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Didn't like FocusedxMinds?
Oh, I really liked FocusedxMinds, but there were like 5 other people there at the time, and nobody was moving around or anything, and they only played for about 15 minutes tops. Murphy's Law was super disappointing, and when I saw that there were under 100 people there at the time, and nobody was moving around at all, not even singing along, I went home to rest up for the next day instead of staying around for Negative Approach. :comeatmebros:

But yeah, I don't know how much detail you want me to go into for day 2. Rock Bottom were awesome, I warmed up hardcore dancing... Expire were amazing, I hardcore danced the whole time... Harm's Way were brutal as ever, I hardcore danced the whole time... The Mongoloids were fucking crazy, were way over the top straight edge in their message, and I hardcore danced the whole time... (I actually took a breather and sat back for Wisdom in Chains, but I liked them a lot)... Cruel Hand were great, I hardcore danced the whole time and sang all the lyrics I knew to Cruel Hand, Begin Descension, Day or Darkness, Life in Shambles, and Dead Weight... Trapped Under Ice were crazy, I hardcore danced the whole time but was too tired to scream most of the lyrics (screaming is way more tiring than moshing), but I got the mic thrown in my face for Believe, Half a Person, Born To Die, and Soul Vice... and then I sat back and watched the older dudes go at it for Death Threat and 100 Demons. I think it was slightly more crazy for Death Threat, though there was a bunch of moshing for both of 'em. Bruised both my heels from stomping around so much, poked a hole in the bottom of my sole and got a couple blisters, almost broke a blood vessel on my hand, bruised my wrist, bruised my shoulder and back, got punched in the jaw and in my left temple, could barely walk the next day. GREAT SUCCESS
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