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The Rumble Day 2 -- Chicago, IL -- April 28th, 2012

The Rumble Day 2
Venue: The Bottom Lounge


Rock Bottom
Harms Way
The Mongoloids
Wisdom in Chains
Cruel Hand
Trapped Under Ice
Death Threat
100 Demons


Trapped Under Ice:

Pleased to Meet You
Half a Person
Soul Vice
Born To Die
Skeleton Heads
Street Lights
Stay Cold
True Love
Reality Unfolds

Harms Way:

Warriors Will Reign
Breeding Grounds

I know bits and pieces from other bands, but not full sets, so if I find them I'll post 'em. I know filmed everything, so as soon as they get that up, I'll help fill in some more if you guys are interested.

Concert was awesome. All the bands I saw on day 2 were phenomenal. TUI, Cruel Hand, and Harms Way were awesome as always, but what really surprised me was how fucking awesome Expire and especially the Mongoloids were live. Other than Death Threat and TUI, I'd say Mongoloids had the best pits. So much fun. I'd say there were probably 350 people there overall, but it worked out really well since it left a lot of open space on the floor to dance, and didn't have to get punched every 10 seconds you wanted to go in the pit. They put up a railing in front of the stage so no one would even attempt stagediving, but there were few people up front the whole time anyway.

Some more specific points:
  • I was very fine with that Harms Way set, though it could have been longer. It was nice seeing newer stuff live after I'd heard all the old stuff a couple weeks ago. Kicking it off with Fantasy was pretty insane, though I think I like Scrambled as an opener slightly more.
  • TUI set was almost perfect for me. The only improvement I would have liked would have been substitute in Still Cold for True Love, then go straight into Reality Unfolds from Still Cold like on the album. Shit was violent and crazy for Believe, Street Lights, Skeleton Heads, Half a Person, and especially Reality Unfolds. Also really pumped they threw in Soul Vice. Had an awesome time.
  • I hope some pictures get posted from the, uh, "professional photographers" (*cough* hipsters with a photo pass *cough*) scattered around the place; I had the mic thrown in my face many times for Trapped Under Ice and Cruel Hand.
  • Death Threat were fucking great live; it was very apparent that the guys in the pit for DT and 100 Demons were a different crowd than the kids earlier. Glad I got to see such an influential band live.

If more comes to me, I'll post it. It was a hardcore show; fill in the details.
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