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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
CM Punk/Daniel Bryan are the best wrestlers on it right now.
I'll take that one step further and say because of what they do on the mic they're the two best overall workers in wrestling today. I've also gotta give some love to TNA here because when you're talking about best overall workers today Bobbie Roode, James Storm and Austin Aries are in that conversation as well.

Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
You heard him right Orton sucks. At least as a main eventer he does. Seriously, has there ever been a more boring personality that has been at the top of the card as long as him? He does fine work when he's in the ring but when he opens his mouth he's terrible. He's had everything handed to him since he started and no matter how much they shove him down our throats it doesn't take the "boring" out of him. Lately though Orton has been doing what he's perfect for, having great midcard matches and getting guys like Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes ready to be in the main event one day.

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