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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
I can't imagine seeing Sleep at a place like the echo/echoplex.

Pomona FOX theater sounds just about right, Speaking of which, the Echo/Echoplex is seriously becoming one of my favorite venues for Metal and Hip Hop shows. I have seen numerous hip hop artists and Metal bands there and most just all around smashing good times(GZA from Wu Tang Clan, Eyedea and abilities, Autopsy, Mpire of Evil,EYEHATEGOD, incantation, pentagram, WINTER just to name a few).
I love Echoplex. Free parking and I can safely pregame without worrying about cops I've been able to see Witchcraft, Leftover Crack, COC, both POTR fests, Amebix and a few other awesome shows there. I'm going to see Death Grips there on July 1st. You should get your ticket! It's about 17 after fees and will be so worth it!

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