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Just got home to Chicago after attending Keep It True. What an amazing show Arch/Matheos put on! Brilliant setlist and John was fantastic! I struck up a conversation with a guy (who turned out to be one of the filmers for the festival), and he mentioned that John Arch was so nervous before the show that no filming was allowed - the only band not to allow pro filming for the festival. I noticed John walk to the side of the stage after the first song, and visibly took a very deep breath, as if to say "I made it through the first song. It's gonna be all right." I'm glad some tapers were there in the crowd to capture that set. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed it! Numerous guys in the audience with tears streaming down their face during the show - such an emotional night!

Rest of the festival was tons of fun. Never thought I'd get to see Sword and Witch Cross live! On the thrash side of things, Whiplash put on a good show, and I was really impressed with Fueled By Fire. The NWOBHM set was cool as well, with vocalists from Savage, Holocaust, and many others. Dennis Stratton came on at the end to do three Iron Maiden classics. Not sure who the singer was for that, but he did a good enough job.
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