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20. The Chronic

Artist: Dr. Dre
Producer: Dr. Dre
Album title: THE CHRONIC

A G-Funk-classic masterpiece of epic proportions...

One of a few albums on this list that won't need any sort of introduction or sloppy summary. Almost every person on this board knows a thing or two about this record and the legacy it holds. Those that don't can take this nice sample of this piece of art and learn a thing or two on the history of the G FUNK ERA of old school rap, and the LEGEND that is DR DRE.. It blows me away that Dr. Dre has only released 2 albums in his 25 + year career in hip hop, This(1992) and 7 Years later he would out do himself and release the Mainstream classic 2001 also known as THE CHRONIC:2001(1999), But of course, he has produced over 234,0320,4934,0384 albums for other artists though(Eminem, 50 Cent, NWA, DOC, Tupac Shakur just to name a few, and that's not even close to a few ahahah, DR DRE IS LEGENDARY). Definitely one of the greatest albums of all time. I really could give a rats ass who the next person is to bust a post about how this should be on the top 5 albums instead of the top 20, this is my opinion and not yours so just deal with it, and enjoy the ride, Speaking of which, some of you folks should jam out to the grooviness of "LET ME RIDE" which is on this classic album, probably one of the best songs to jam in your car while strolling down the freeway, lighting a fat joint and blazing it to the dome while scoping out the hunnies roaming down the streets. Dr. Dre revolutionized the g funk era of old school hip hop with this masterpiece. It should also be noted that this album features a very young, 18 year old Snoop Dog at the time, before he went onto be a big pop selling sell out who makes horrific music, blows me away that Snoop Dawg was only fucking 18 years old when he recorded this album with Dr Dre...anyways, there ya have it, GET IT FOLKS, Smoke a nice one to the dome while you're bumping' this, OH SHIT, 19 RECORDS LEFT.

By the way I just feel like dropping my two cents since this is the only thread where i can leave random posts like this...


when it comes to the Three Greatest Hip Hop Producers of all time, in all of hip hop. My top 3 are usually

1. Dj Premier from the LEGENDARY Gang starr!
2.RZA from the legendary WU TANG CLAN!!
3. Dr. Dre

I consider myself a pretty big hip hop connoisseur of sorts, and i have listened to over 203,4932,483204 hip hop records from 1986-1999 since 2003 when I first got introduced to the wonderful world of hip hop music, and I'm a pretty hard person to get to say what is the best and what isn't, and i can safely tell you from my 10 years of listening to Hip Hop, that no one makes more epic instrumentals, epic beats, and all around incredible dynamic visceral music like these 3 mother fuckers, no one even comes close to these 3. Dr Dre, DJ Premier, and The RZA are hands down, the three greatest hip hop producer ever, no one even touches these dudes skills of instrumentals and beat making craftsmanship. These three make beats and instrumentals that are so brilliant and complex that even using the word complex would be an understatment. That's my 2 cents for ya. Oh yeah, I really appreciate the people that are scoping this thread out, really means a lot, hope I turns some of you metal heads into some great alternative music.

Let Me Ride

A nigga with a gun


Little Ghetto Boys

Stranded on Death Row
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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