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Melvins -- West Chester, PA -- April 28th, 2012

Pretty sure this setlist is accurate but if anyone has corrections let me know..

Dog Island
Hung Bunny
Roman Dog Bird
The Water Glass
Evil New War God
A History of Bad Men
Youth of America
A Growing Disgust
The War on Wisdom
We Are Doomed
Friends Before Larry
A Really Long Wait
National Hamster
The Bit

I have been a casual Melvins fan for about 12 or 13 years but I had a feeling they would put on a great show so I decided to spring for the $17 to go see them and it was SO worth it. They completely owned and this was probably one of the heaviest shows I've ever seen. They didn't have any kind of light show or even a banner or anything. The only things on the stage were the band, their instruments and their amps. The music itself was the show. And there was no point during their 90 minute set that music was not playing. Even between songs they just continued to jam and it was awesome. The drums were really the highlight and the two drummer thing works amazing for them. Dale Crover is fucking ridiculous. I highly recommend checking out this tour.

I don't have the Unsane set but they were pretty decent too. Their drummer is apparently in the hospital so they did half their set with each of the Melvins drummers.

Stellar show.

UPDATE: found YouTube vids of the Melvins and Unsane sets...

Melvins part 1:

Melvins part 2:


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