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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
Sep, how high were you at this show? I talked to one of my friends and he's one of the guys who kicked you out and said you were told not to hit that joint and did twice and were thrown out cause of that.
I don't come on here often now that i'm working two jobs, I just got off about and hour ago only to stumble upon this, oh boy...

Alright, I'm going to say this one last time. And I'm not repeating myself about this stupid ass bullshit day. First off..

Who ever told you this, your friend? Is lying to you. I may be considered one of the most annoying members on this board and probably piss a lot of people off with my rants of randomness, but theres one thing that I am not, and thats a liar. I never fucking lie, thats one thing about me that I can tell you that I'm not. Sure i probably annoy a lot of people on this board, especially with some of my posts, but theres one thing for sure that I am not, and thats a liar.

Does your friend happen to be pretty tall, pretty fucking fat, shit nasty beyond yellow teeth stains, bald and wear glasses? Because thats the guy who kicked me and my friend out of the show. I asked him more than once out side the glasshouse on why he kicked us and that the drummer gave me the joint, and he said it was because I blew, I REPEAT, I blew weed smoke in his partners face, WHO SHOWED UP OUT NO WHERE, like a fucking ghost! And the smoke hits his face, and then the fat tall douche bag looking ranch dressing eating mother fucker yanks me and my friends hands, and drags both our asses out of the venue. Oh yeah, and my friend didn't even touch the godamn joint! I didn't get kicked out because they told me not to hit the joint, no one said that to me and if they did well it was damn near impossible to hear or see anyone, especially with the lights all dark and off, and YOB setting up their equipment and testing the LOUD sound. Your friend is a liar, if WE ARE talking about the same security guard(remember, Tall, fat, somewhat bald, shitty nasty looking teeth, looks like he hadn't cleaned those fuckers in decades). He even said that he wouldn't have kicked me out if I didn't blow it in his partners face. They never said I got kicked out for smoking a joint and not listening to their demand. He even said that if I blew it towards another direction, and not the securities face, they would have let it slide, those were straight out of his lips, not mine. He told me more than once that he threw me and my friend out of the show because I showed disrespect by intentionally Blowing smoke in his partners face. Intentionally? You have got to be kidding me, what are you having your PMS or something, go get some maxi pads ya sour crowt eating fat mongoloid. I hope i Made myself loud and fucking clear that I didn't get kicked out for hitting it twice and not listening to what some douche bag was saying, because that is far from the truth.

And i don't understand why your friend would tell you this, because thats not what they told me and my home-boy who was also with me. Also just to get one other thing out of the way...I didn't even wanna hit the mother fucker, this loud blonde chick behind me kept screaming at the drummer to pass the joint, repeatedly yelling at him to pass it, pass it. I was in front of her and a lot of other people because i was up posted on the front rail, next to the the band, as I gaze in their awesomeness of heavy DOOM stoner bliss to be splashed upon us.

Then the drummer directly hands me the joint, like not kinda, or trys to give it to another and i snatched it, plus I'm not that type of guy to do that, plus i was pretty roasted through out that entire day to even take more hits, to tell you the truth, ahahah. ANYWAYYYS, like i said, He straight up gives me the mother fucker, I take one fat fucking puff, OUT OF THE BLUE, this short hispanic dude comes out of fucking left wing and tells me to put it out and BOOM, the smoke blows all over his face, and thats less than 3-12 and half seconds the show is over done....well I mean for us...not the fans inside going A-wall to the epic heaviness that is "Prepare the ground" off the atma record. That's pretty much it. Nothing more nothing less, I hope made my self clear. Plus, what reason would i have? To lie? Stupid and pointless, and even more lame when it's on the internet. I aint no liar, and thats the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said So

Hope we still cool though vegantopher. You my skrilluh from the other village.

as I said earlier in the post, I'm working two jobs now so don't expect to see me on these boards that much anymore, But i still love all of you mothuh fuckaz. Cause HEAVY METAL AND REAL HIP HOP LIVES ON, REST PEACE DIO AND REST PEACE GURU FROM GANG STARR
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