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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
No Swarm or The Demon's Name Is Surveillance off Koloss is a real head scratcher. I pictured both songs being MIND-BLOWING live.

I like the setlist but missing those 2 and no Suffer in Truth make me want to punch a dolphin.
YA!!! Holy fuck did I ever want to see Demons Name.. live. Actually, ive seen them 4 times and have wanted to hear "Closed Eye Visuals" everytime but it wont happen

Cannot complain about this set otherwise though, ive seen them perform the Catch 33 Medley back in 2005 and it was pretty trippy. Glad to see it made its way back into the set.

Hope this is the US tour setlist Baroness, Decapitated opening is just icing on the cake!
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