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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Also, am I the only one who felt Edge's induction into the Hall of Fame is a bit pre-mature? Yes he was a great wrestler, and its unfortunate that he had to retire so early... but at least wait it out another year or two.
I agree but they are starting to run out of BIG names from the past to induct every year (at least one's Vince wants to) so a big name is a big name and they take what they can get. The same could be said for HBK to have gotten inducted, because I wouldn't be surprised to see him step back into the ring some day. Or Flair, as long as someone's willing to pay he'll never retire.

I really thought that this would be the year that Macho Man and Elizabeth got inducted. Maybe, as sad as this sounds, if his death had occurred closer to a Wrestlemania he would've gotten in, then he'd have been fresh in peoples minds and inducting him would've been a good PR stunt for the WWE. But by this point mainstream media had forgotten about him and there was no real benefit to inducting him. Sad, that whatever happened between him and Vince had to happen.
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