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so last nights show was pretty fun. The longer the show went on however the more he seemed to be going through the motions (most notably during Tourniquet and Anti Christ Superstar). Other theatrics, besides the podium included confetti during rock is dead, and a device which blew smoke during the love song (I might be wrong on the song). The crowd itself was pretty mixed, when some pits broke out some people left the floor. Everyone was having a good time, and enjoyed every song he played. I wish he would have swapped some songs out, and or played longer, was bummed songs like Coma White, 1996, little horn, which were on the set list previously weren't played. The Pretty Reckless were okay, I expected them to be worse, but they were fun to say the least. Overall I'm glad I went, and my girlfriend loved it, so that was a bonus.

Pretty Reckless: 5.0

Marilyn Manson: 8.0
7/1-Roger Waters
8/3-Mayhem Fest

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