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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
too many hits/singles. Could remove 4 of these 5: Disposable Teens, Rock Is Dead, Love Song, Mobscene & Personal Jesus for some deeper cuts from Antichrist, Portrait, Mechanical Animals, Holywood or even something off the newer albums that no one likes.
Yeah, I definitely agree with this. Sweet Dreams has probably been played at every show since it made it's debut. Same goes for Disposable Teens and Rock Is Dead. I can understand The Beautiful People being a staple, but even that could go.

There are plenty songs I would personally love that haven't been played in years or at all...

Angel With the Scabbed Wings
Target Audience
Burning Flag
The Death Song
Mechanical Animals (It was in the set a few years back, but still)
Organ Grinder
Dope Hat (hearing this live again would be awesome)
I Put A Spell On You (as the live cover)

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