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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I don't know what tape he had, maybe it was some "CZW's Most EXTREME matches" or something but it really wasn't too great. I'm sure they had some good stuff but their extreme was just
Early CZW is generally pretty crappy, it started getting good i'd say around the end of 2001-2002. Even then, the DM's weren't great and only got better around the mid 2000's with guys like SeXXXy Eddy, Necro Butcher, Nick Mondo and Drake Younger. Too bad Nick Gage is in jail for a few years or i'd count him, dude was crazy intense when he wrestled.

I have a weird feeling they are going to try and work a "shoot" angle with Cena and Lesnar, and it will probably be pretty lame. Pretty funny to think that they wrestled each other at the April PPV way back in 2003..don't ask me how I remember that.
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