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Sepultura -- Montreal, Quebec -- April 25th, 2012

Venue: Club Soda
Opening band: Talamyus

Damn, it's been a long time since my neck, body and ears were sore like this. I guess that means I had a good time yesterday Anyway, I'll proceed with the review.

I got to the Club Soda a bit after 7:00 pm, and it felt great to be back there: a year or two ago, almost every show I attended was in there, but a few months had passed since a really interesting show took place there (last time was UneXpect/Neuraxis in October 2011 I believe). I looked at the Krisiun merch and saw the shirt I decided to buy at the end of the show (this one; I love how the logo is placed above the picture, with the red border). These guys are probably the least known band on this tour, and also my favourite, so I really felt like encouraging them. Then, I realized that the music that was playing was actually a band, and not the venue music. I had totally forgotten there was a local band playing before Havok. The locals were in fact Talamyus, a band of which I owned a CD since a very long time, but that I never enjoyed that much. They play a mix of thrash, death and viking metal. They had recently gotten a new female singer (apparently named Krystal Koffin ), relieving guitarst Benoît St-Jean from a part of his vocal duties. I don't want to sound sexist, but she blew. She had raspy screams with absolutely no power, and even with tons and tons of reverb and echo, the back vocals still buried her's. Also, she didn't seem at ease on stage and she partly killed the energy of the band. Singer aside, the band was ok; they had some heavy parts, but it felt a bit too generic for me and they didn't play any of the better songs from the album I own (In These Days of Violence).

The semi-boring performance then made room for four thrilling and blistering sets, starting with the american thrash metal revival band Havok. To me, they're one of the best band of this new wave of thrash: they've got nothing new, but their songs and energy are super efficient, especially in a live context. After a long change-up in which they had problems with the guitars, they opened their set with the lightning speed thrasher "No Amnesty", just like they did when they opened for Exhumed, resulting in a huge circle pit with the rest of the crowd headbanging and screaming. They also played a new song from their upcoming EP Point of No Return. It was a more mid-tempo song with bass/vocal parts and some thrashier ones. I wouldn't say it qualifies as one of their best, but it was still good. However, they did finish with one of their best, "Afterburner". It was a really satisfying thrash set. My only complaints are concerning the over-triggering of the bass drums and the absence of "Category of the Dead", that I still dream of hearing them play.

Then came the band I was the most looking forward to see; the brazilian killing machine that is Krisiun. It was my first time witnessing their live show and I was far from being disappointed. Their songs sounded like a hurricane of violence and heaviness. Alex's vocals were brutal as always, Moyses' shredding was mind-blowing and Max's blast beats sounded like a fucking avalanche (yes, I like nature references ). Most people at the concert didn't seem to know them: there were small pits (5-6 people, including me sometimes) and the front was headbanging, but the rest were still. Though, I believe they got themselves many new fans yesterday. A lot of people seemed to be impressed and there were even chanting their name by the end of the set. To my huge surprise, they ended with the song that made me discover Krisiun a few years ago: Slain Fate. No need to say I headbanged and moshed my life off during that tune. I can't wait for them to come back here!

Next on were the Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel. I had previously seen them play at Heavy MTL last year and I wasn't that impressed, but this time it was totally different. They were definitely the most energetic band of the night and they really got the crowd going (a lot more than Sepultura). There were almost-constant pits and the crowd was loud as hell. Mark Osegueda knew how to handle a horde of thrashers (his voice was also outstanding) and the guitarist/bassist trio kept on moving and interacting with the crowd, which made their performance very enjoyable. The highlights were obliviously the songs they played from their masterpiece The Ultra-Violence, and "Thrown to the Wolves" at the end with the huge circle pit.

Seputura then had the tricky job of closing this streak of extraordinary performance, and I've got to say they did it pretty well. They started with "Dark Wood of Error", which is a pretty weak track from Dante XXI and I had doubts about the crowd's reaction, but then they bursted in their classic "Refuse/Resist" and the pit automatically erupted. Sadly, as they got to the middle of their set, people gradually left (probably to catch the last metros in some directions, and because, as GarageMetal said it earlier, a lot of them were there to see Death Angel). The room then became a lot less full than it was when they played here about a year ago, and the pits became spacier and more tame. It was pretty lame that when they bursted out old classics like "Escape to the Void" and "Subtraction" (a pretty nice addition to the set, just like "Meaningless Movements" last year), the crowd was quasi-calm. Still, the people that stayed had a great time. I know a lot of people chose not to recognize their current line-up as the "real" Sepultura, but they've got tons of energy. Derrick Green is a great frontman and the new drummer is pouding, and very skilled as he proved it in his impressive drum solo. When the end of their performance drew nearer, I decided to use the wasted space in the pit at my advantage. During "Territory", "Ratamahatta" and "Roots Bloody Roots" I kept jumping and "dancing" to the bouncy riffs. I had fun. Also, I wasn't expecting them to play "Polícia", which got the pits raging again and which I found to be on purpose with the events happening here in Quebec these days. For those who haven't heard of it, there is a huge student protest movement (in which I'm much implicated) going on since the last 3 months against the climb of tuition fees. The government refuses to negociate with the students, that are on strike, and people are getting angrier day by day. The government uses riot police to beat up and arrest innocent protestors and this is why I felt that a song denouncing policiary brutality was a good choice. Then, Derrick surprised me even more by dedicating "Inner Self" to the student movement. It generated huge pride and willingness to mosh in me. I love it when bands are informed about political matters like this one. The pits during that song and during "Arise" were very violent and fun. The two last ones were really fun too, but it was nothing compared to when they played them last year (with everyone jumping, thet was fun), because there was about two thirds of the crowd that had already left. Nonetheless, Sepultura gave a great performance, just as the 3 bands before them did. If this tour comes near you, I would strongly recommend you to go see it.


No Amnesty
Fatal Intervention
Point of No Return
Covering Fire


Kings of Killing
Combustion Inferno
The Will to Potency
Vicious Wrath
Hatred Inherit
(Roots Bloody Roots teaser)
Slain Fate

Death Angel

I Chose the Sky
Mistress of Pain
Claws In So Deep
Evil Priest
Buried Alive
Relentless Revolution
Seemingly Endless Time
The Ultra-Violence (first minute)
Thrown to the Wolves


Dark Wood of Error
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted in Life
Septic Schizo / Escape to the Void
(drum solo)
Just One Fix (Ministry cover)
Polícia (Titãs cover)
Inner Self


Roots Bloody Roots
8/6 - SubRosa

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