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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I used to be the biggest wrestling fan anyone could ever meet. From age 3-12 no one could have been a bigger wrestling fan for both WWF and WCW, and in the later parts ECW when it was on TNN.

I still have a lot of the knowledge of those years in my head, although some of it is gone. Hearing about Buff Bagwell today kinda really killed my day.

This is still the instant that kill wrestling for me and haven't been able to enjoy it since:
Yeah, that was one of the more "what the fuck?" things they've ever done. I don't mind stupid shit like this being done when it's just some useless undercard people involved in it. What turns me off is when they do dumb shit like that at the main event level. A perfect example is when HHH fueded with Kane for the world title like ten years ago and accused Kane of necrophilia with his ex-girlfriend. Which resulted in a lot of awful backstage video stuff like this:

The video was edited but you get the point.