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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Yeah, you're wrong about everything bro. Czw was started by John Zandig, who wrestled in Japan. Later in it's history, they would bring some old ECW talent in for some shows, but for the most part, CZW was started using almost exclusive talent from the wrestling school they ran.

And on your average CZW card, there would only be one or two hardcore matches tops, the rest is some of the best wrestling from some of the best wrestlers in the country. Yeah, a lot of their brutal stuff is over done here and there, but it's an alternative to the traditional wrestling fans, and CZW caters to all wrestling fans. Seriously, they've had some of the best techical wrestling matches I've ever seen.
I've been dying to get into CZW, but never got the chance. The most I've ever seen are the episodes of Botchamania that feature all the botches from CZW (which I recommend every past and present wrestling fan to watch, there are over 200 of them now).

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Has anyone ever attended a Wrestlemania?
I was at Wrestlemania 19 when it was here in Seattle. It was so much fun. Limp Bizkit was the musical guest and the entire Safeco Field errupted in a "Boo" when they played. Also got to witness the Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Press botch live, it really didn't look as bad as it did on TV.... but damn... OUCH.
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