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Has anyone ever attended a Wrestlemania? I went to Wrestlemania 18 at the Toronto skydome in 2002. Considering i've been a fan since I saw Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the Intercontinental title back in 1985 it was pretty big for me that I got to attended a Mania.

It was a really great experience to be in the audience especially to witness Hogan vs The Rock. To hear that annoying piece of crap The Rock get booed out of the building like he rightfully should be was great Pretty solid card overall from what i remember, RVD beat Regal for the IC title, Angle/Kane, Steve Austin/Scott Hall, Edge/Booker T, Undertaker/Flair and HHH/Jericho for the WWF undisputed championship was the main event.

I also attended the fan access at the CNE they had that weekend. My brother and I got to meet and get autographs from Ric Flair, The Big Show and Chris Benoit. I actually spoke to Benoit for a minute to because it was the end of the day and there wasn't anybody around. He was out with and injury and the time and I was telling him I was looking forward to him coming back. After the way his life ended it's kind of odd to think back on it and realise I had a brief conversation with a murderer. In recent years i've faded in and out when it comes to watching the weekly shows but the Benoit family tragedy almost made me stop watching completely.

Anyways, Wrestlemania is quite an experience to attend and if the last three or four of them hadn't sucked I would recommend that any WWE fan attend one at some point.

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