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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I was huge into wrestling as a kid from about 1984-1992, then lost track until 1998. Then it got so interesting and I was into it again until early 2009. I'd watch it to this day but I work nights and have other things to do. And I'll agree that the product has gone downhill since early 2009 with only a few flashes of brilliance to sedate the hardcore fans (Nexus' first invasion, CM Punk quitting last summer). Micheal Cole played a big part in my stopping watching. too. He's gotten better lately but that character they had him playing around Wrestlemania XXVIII was brutal. The only PPV I watch last year was the Royal Rumble and the guy fucking made it unbearable.

CZW; from what I remember that was just a rip-off of the extreme side of ECW, and one of the worst shows I've seen in my life. Anyone can jump off a twenty foot cage and land in a pile of broken glass. Seeing that in ECW was awesome because they never overdid it, but the one CZW tape I saw was just two hours of homeless people killing themselves. ECW would have that shit, but throw in awesome wrestling at the same time.

Wrestling fans have to be one of the worst bunch. You can say you liked Brock Lesnars return last week and twenty of them will swarm you and tell you that you're wrong and here's why. I was on a wrestling board for a long time (still a member) but I had to stop posting. I was just sick of people telling me why I didn't like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I really could go on for hours about wrestling. I still love it.
Wasn't CZW made by one of the wrestlers from ECW and had like 80% of the roster? I think I have a bunch of CZW dvds.

Also if anyone has Netflix on the instant queue they have a bunch of good wrestling dvds.
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