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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Food for Thought
Overall, is the above set list really all that surprising?
Is it just fun / accepted / normal to rip on Sepultura these days?
Does anybody really disagree that Sepultura was better when Max and Igor were in the band?
If not, then why keep bringing it up? Who are you trying to convince, when everybody already agrees?
The set isn't surprising, in fact it's mostly the same as their tour last year, but coming off of the Trashfest Classics Tour you'd think they might have been inspired to change it up a little. Obviously Thrashfest was a special tour, but they know what the fans want to hear and they were actually willing to give them that. It just feels like we've been shafted a little.

As for the discussion on the current Sepultura lineup, yes that seriously needs to be put to rest. I'm tired of reading the same conversation in nearly every Sepultura thread.
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